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Yeah,this one goes out to my favourite girl uhmm my only girl actually haha yeah lets go verse 1

You can call me yes man,coz am all about we you dont need superman,girl you got me ama hold you down like gravity ine ndi iwe tili ngati habit coz we hard to break, i love it when you playing hard to get its sexy,it makes me, wanna do you on the floor no bed sheet our love so deep like the ocean floor and ma heart to you is like an open door coz i let you in there,so please dont damage it i used to get more a** than a toilet seat like two kenny klips ndine wakowako (wako) omwe zamubowa umuuze zako no me and you baby girl just us no me and you baby girl just us

Chikondi chathu nchovuta sizochita kufunsa (sinza) sindzakusiya (sindza) sindzakusiya *2

Verse 2

Shawty youre the best olo drake amayaza we doing our thing,anthu kukamwa yasa tikudzinva ngati kwapanga ma echo wina zimudinya ngati walakwa mayeso straight from my heart it aint just a song with you on ma side i can never go wrong we've had some fights but always stay strong always on my mind all day long
You came straight from my dreams to my life thats some sh*t,men i need a hi 5 my wife,is what i wanna make you be chikondi chathu chosowa ngati s.u.v muchipembere high way when i hold you ndimafira aire everynight ndimaganizila zaiwe everynight ndimaganizila zaiwe

Repeat chorus

Bridge i can see it in your eyes that youre as crazy as i and i will never ever let u go *2 haha,you know i cant sing girl but you get the message ait eve,this one for you baby girl yeah yeah

Repeat chorus

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