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Date de parution : 26/01/2010

Durée : 0:06:34

Style : Heavy Metal

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This is now, since and then
And this is where we unendingly
Forever stand

And then i saw your smile,
The origin of the sun
Which cracks the stone
Of which we gods are made
Now that i saw your smile
I'd step out from this stump
This is where we unendingly forever stand

E' come impazzire in un mare dorato
(it feels like going crazy in a golden sea)

Running from light
Dive in the wonders of twilight
Like children of dusk
On the run from the day

Do you remember the exspanse of desks and th
Smell of the first days?
Tears dense and in plenty,
While far behind, the world punished you
Against the wall
For noting but just being

Now, taht after all this years
I'm no longer sure
If you had really existed,
Or if i just invented you
Tell me what's left to trust

I face that place again
But this time in depth of the self
And i'm weaker without your sad smile, the
Same as mine

Sometimes the sight of the town through
The rain fills the pit of
A failure of life

When the sight of the town
Through the rain
Fills the pit of a life that has failed

This is now, since and than
And this is where we unendingly
Forever stand

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