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Da Grym Reefer

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Da grym reefer verse 1:

It's me dick hennessey
The one with the magnums
Said you can swallow my seeds
But can't plant 'em

I kidnap
Pimp slap
Hoes that spring parent traps
Guess u want me to break bread
With you

Asking me what's the name of our baby to be
If he makes it out this rubber
Name the motherfucker hercules

You think by running that game
That you'd be hurting me
But that's the reason that you hoes
Get no ove from me.

Up to fuckery
That's why you're suffering
You really hurt the kid
That's why you get nothing from me

Fucking tramp ho
Need to be
On the maury show
Either find out who the real daddy is
Or just let it go

I ain't got no time
To be
Spending my lifetime
Trying to support
A bitch
Or a kid
That ain't mines

Can't believe
I'm going through this shit
With a bitch again
Fuck these magnums
I'm switchin
To michellin


I'm working hard trying to get rich (get rich)
But i can't
These bitches all on my dick (all on my dick)
This child support shit

(repeat chorus)

Denny lucci:

I done had false alarms
With fake bitches
And i done had lying hoes
That's trying to get me

Pretty smile
Fat ass
And the mind is wicked
Trying to set a nigga up
Just to stack riches

I love kids
It's the momma that's always fucking shit up
Always talking shit
Bitch, get out and ride the bus
I'm tired of hearing ya mouth girl
So shut the fuck up
You don't like my ways then pack ya shit up
Cuz i could give a friendly fuck
About your crying and shit.
Talking bout you pregnant
Quit all that lying and shit

Cuz it ain't funny

Hoes do this shit for money
In the mall wilding out
While you pinching and scrubbing

On the muary show
Talking all that loud shit
But when the test come back
Who the triffling bitch.

On the muary show
Talking all that loud shit
But when the test come back
Who the triffling bitch. ho!

(chorus x2)

Da grym reefer:

Plenty hoes know my name
Many hoes running game
Plenty hoes try to play
Every nigga like the same

With no shame
Whether slick
Whether lame
Either wild
Whether tame
In a niggaz ass
All these hoes a pain

Wanna see a ho go wild
Just give a bitch a child
Watch her run from hot to mild
Like a model
Change her style

Many bitches hate me now
Wearing rubbers is a must

What is reefer's deepest fear?
Planting seeds inside a slut!

J slum:

Baby momma
So much drama
Man, you know they with the shit
Getting mad a nigga
Cuz he with another bitch

How the fuck you gone get hot
And start to catch an attitude
Seen alisha at the mall buying
Cambrion some shoes

You ain't nothing but a snot
And need to get your shit together
Trying to find a ride to club
So you can shake your tail feather

While you constantly getting jealous
Need to have your ass at home
Paying someone else to watch your child
You need to watch your own

(chorus to fade)

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