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Strung Out

pochette album Childish games
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Date de parution : 10/11/1998

Durée : 0:02:03

Style : Alternative

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Now i can see through the games that you play and why the
Games you play them with me i don't understand if you love
Someone ??? such agony another time another place would
Tell me, just tell me why don't you know how hard i try just
Maybe be different but right now it's far to late right here,
Right now, right away ??? my feelings i just can't escape so
Care about society in general i know now we're all built the
Tell me where i went wrong just tell me and ill be gone i don't
Different so i'm blind ??? and i got left behind you play your
Same but society can make you hurt another person i hear
Games you play with me to make others think your cool the
The cries of your pain you tell me truth, you tell me lies your
Only real thing you ever knew you threw away, your a fool
(chorus) and i don't care about society in general i know now
We're all built the same but some of us grow up faster than
Others while others play childish games

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