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Queen Adreena

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Childproof to the letter
You know the truth, you know better
The girl on the pavement, she's spinning
Don't be long, come and get her

I need a drink, so just forget her
Time just slips through my fingers
Hold onto life, hold on despite this
I've seen your eyes shine
Just get through the night this time

Resolve is weak, i abuse it
You turn your cheek, then i'll lose it
Life just slips through my fingers
I blame him and i hurt him

Turn the screw, rub the dirt in
There's dirt under my fingers
I wanted it and i can't get
It was heaven sent so i spent it

The sky just slipped through my fingers
One more round for the lady
As i hit the ground, whisper maybe
I will get on my feet again

Not open to your suggestions
I'll change the locks, won't answer questions
I will get on my feet again

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