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Kid Cudi

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(verse 1: kid cudi)
Now tell me do you feel it baby, i been on my grizzle
Born to die so it's all about this shit in the middle
Never seen or heard the type of real like this
I bet there's nothin' on the nigga keep it good like this
They saying "cudder, now what the fuck you on?"
My shit is off the scale keep it going and get gone
Raise your damn hands i better see some blunts
These niggas talking shit but they really poopy nigga up on my nuts

(hook: king chip) x2
Chillin' while we sippin' and sippin' while we chillin'
And keep a wet towel up under the door cuz this shit killin

(verse 2: king chip)
I'm mr. coldest, underdog hero
Born to let them know how we get down here in the middle
Some call me chip and others call me the ripper
Love the ladies and might give her a tip but i won't tip her
Swishers, plural
Almighty glroyus get love in hood suburban rural
Blowin hay in the middle of the barn? and shit
Spreadin love no startin shit, finish it though no problem kid
Talk about weed is all i did to get this far thank you grass and my brother cudder
Roll up for the road trip we gon' burn some rubber
And then just burn another bendin' corners while we trippin'
Them bitches only hate cuz we no pay them no attention

(hook) x2
(verse 3: kid cudi)
I am the reala honey, i was born to sizzle
Born to grind or die it's all about the shit in the middle
Chopped it up with god and i had told him my ambitions
Standin' in the driveway a 40 oz i was swiggin'
Mad love across the wizzorld
See so many faces and i bang all type of gizzirls
Spanish to caucasian and my african americans
When your super famous if your ugly they won't mention it

(hook) x2

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