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Lta (6 Pack)

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6 pack- chillin'
Lil' josh: i'm chillin' with my homies joshua lta and ltc
We got money in our veins we call it cash money sells
I chillax when i relax with my alto sax that's what all of you lack
I'm king of the east i'm king of the west i got money i'm chillin' with the best
Josh g6: yeah don't care don't know what it is just feel like chillin' out
Don't care what people think or do all i do is chill
And i need to chill cause i've got enough cash in my limo
Like i said before i'm gonna chill instead of stay still and all i wanna do now is rap and if you don't care i don't really mind cause it's too bad
Lta: yeah about the cash flow we are all so fly that's what you should know
Money floating in the sky man so much money i feel like i can fly
Just so much wealth just so much one day i'll be able to buy y'all an ipod touch
I chill i got money i'm better than anyone else we call it cash money sells
Ltc: my name is c thrilled all i do is chill
Got everyone on my side everything's at will
And if i lose my cool there's no time don't care never will i'm always at my prime
Yeah i gotta megamind
All: money makes us chill
Julia: chillin' with the 6 pack