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Regardless Devon Victory

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Make them niggas - hold on wait a minute - tell them fellas - up in the red area - then we bang ya - hope you playing - fuck what you saying - we stay - to hood - we drinking beer- we high as fuck - you getting fucked up - you thinking cause - im thinking wrong - you are so sprung - you left alone - this shit we own - dayton ohio -
Verse 1:
Now in the papers and the press releases - on your bed you fleeing - giving me reasons - to be season's - with your anger - in the minute - where i sleigh them - for they behavior -hoping that my relaxation moment at home - will leave waiting - im to hood at these places - where lower rates - and jail and probation - holding cases picking deals - for left over meal - you conceal your sexy body - then ill eat your couchie - thug niggas like regardless run threw you-
Verse 2:
You justice cameras - for the dead - but they said - in the hospital - where i rep high view hill's dayton ohio - then fled threw miles - you acting misery - cause i used to stay on these streets dude - in the mood - cause the blank - get the amp - in the stairs - on the way - to the lord - hurt and then - i kill them boys - cause im gangsta and smart - you don't have no heart but heart - is where i get love - your not above me - and the cost they smoking drugs - what the muthafuck
Verse 3:
This is composite - customized - glock - go get it - and then we can re' hearse - your birth - but the thirst - can get me to the dirt - i bet it's a curse - your god can't support me - now with the rates they shorted - they thinking im talking about where i lie- but i aint -the house files where i learned - everything that i practice in the street files - look threw miles - taught myself- your in the stealth - for the rest - of your life - your not gone ball - good thing - i keep money every month any-way
Verse 4:
The profitable god - get you hard - now your dead - fuck your lord- hoping that the wishes - was the "comfortablest" - dishes - now they can pre'miss - the caught diss - they blocking - no laws in - for this penal code - you seaming city fool - i think i pity you - i bet you wanna go - now this hole - role - you over role - now you can't control - your super bowl - but no touch downs- you thinking one of my niggas wouldnt kill you - i can give a fuck about that - you just fucked up - thats what-

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