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Avant Garde Soul

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Date de parution : 01/11/2011

Durée : 0:05:14

Style : Pop

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Vivid pictures run through my mind,
When thoughts of you arrive,
Illusions of you become reality,
And bundled whispers i cannot hide.

When the image of you appears,
I see a rainbow filled with love,
Brighter than the morning sun,
And more lovely than a peaceful dove.

Moving with the tranquil presence,
Of a smoothly erotic dance,
As i watch your sweet emotion,
Serenely and quietly take its stance.

Bringing us to a state of bliss,
Unknown to all who cannot see,
Eagerly holding the key to which i have found,
Unlocking the door to exotic peace.

Blinded by your sweet emotion,
Over and over since we first said hello,
Yet in this very space and time we share,
To which we can never seem to let go.

Grasping a spirit moving faster than ourselves,
The embrace of a lovers sweetest call,
For one day my greatest wish would be,
To bathe in my lovers satin waterfall.
Erotic, erotic, damn youre so exotic,
The things you do to me,
Seven inch pumps, and a purple lace thong,
Girl you know how to please!

You make me want to ball
Will you be my china doll?

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