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Cowboy Mouth

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Date de parution : 01/01/2000

Durée : 0:04:29

Style : Rock

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Dance with wind and danced with fire
Killed the truth and called it a liar
Bleeding in it's mystery and the moon begins to fall
Dreamers are not all they seem
Sleeping in their silent dreams
She locks it all inside and hides it all away

China, china
Calling out to your history, is that the way itll always be
China, china
Questions right in my hand and then
Answers gone till i don't know when

All you speak and all you hear
Hand that's strong and voice its clear
And unforgotten memory and the moon begins to fall
Called you right and called you wrong
Time that shadow sings your song
Don't lock it all inside and hide it all away



Cross the mountains and through the fields we go
Hand in hand where we land no one knows
When the big red sun falls from the sky
Me and my girl we get real high

(chorus) x a lot

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