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Clip vidéo my cds on deck and everything ready..
(jin) yo, waddup waddup waddup my man?
(guy) oh jin mc, wassap baby 'jo maiyo'? (he pronounces it wrong)
(jin) aight, its 'jo maiya' actually but its coo' man
(guy) oh, uh i c u i c u *laughs*
(jin)-(guy) aight, u got..u came wit tha beats rite? (yeah i got it rite here) yo ive been waiting to hear this joint. yo go ahead, put the cd in rite there yo,(aight hold on) yea i need that crack for this album yo
(guy) i got crack for u baby.. this like..this like my chinese club joint. like its crazy, like..*cut off*
(jin) chinese club joint?!
(guy) its crazy *joint being played*
Intro's sick.....its hype
(*music playing, guy singing: uh huh, my chinese people in tha club say hoo.((jin)oh shit..) and if u wit my people let me..*cut off*
(jin) yao go to tha next joint yo
(guy) man that was crazy yo!
(jin) yea go to the next one
(guy) they in the club like.. 'whooo!!'
(jin)yea its coo'.. nah its hot tho.. its coo' yo u got something else tho? u play like.. u can play tha next beat yo? thats coo' u know but i need something different yo
(guy)-(jin)i got this joint rite here (uh huh) this called the chinese fly. this shits crazy. *joint being played* flies goin everywhere(pshh u cant be serious) i got it from a flick and all that shit its crazy (go ahead yo, play it)*guy singing: jins tha name jins tha name woo jins tha name jins tha name woo jins tha name. ji- ahh chika urr this is tha remix
(jin) yao, stop it stop it..stop it yo stop it
(guy) *laughing* woo u hear that shit?
(jin) its coo'.. nah.. its..imma..its coo' man. but yo i want some real shit like i need, i need that fire yo i need something different. im tryn'a change tha game yo. lemme get somethin yo. c'mon man i know u got more beats
(guy)-(jin) i got some outkast. bang (oh wut u got) i got this chinese outkast shit. its crazy *joint played* its a chinese caroline (chinese wut?!) chinese caroline, thats caroline singing 'oohhh'...(yo, wut happened to tha beats?!..oh shit..yo yo turn that shit off yo!) *guy making noises to go wit tha joint* (that shit is garbage!) garbage? psschh, aint u chinese?

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