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Luis Rios Aka El Rey

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Ching-yo chingo and bling with my ring
Chang-like jackie chan on his california ranch
Chong-take your ass back to rome

Let me show you how to break
And show you how to dance
Niggaz try to show off
But instead they look wacked
Nigga pull up your pants
Nobody wanna see your ass
If you think you can
You really cant
Cause i see them boys in da hall
Breakdancing and breaking you all
Niggaz gettin crunk
But still them asian pullin stunts
Breaking all yall niggaz words
Cause nigga "you got served"

Chingo como rios
Chango come platano
Chongo en mi pelo porque esto es de serio

Ching chang and chong
All outside my damn door
And fkb waitin to break them boys
They got those skills so chose one choice
Number 1 do you want to get embarresed
Number 2 do you want to get famous
Number 3 do you want to cry to your parents
Cause breakdancing is not for the weak
Its for the strong that practice every week
And youll be dazed if you smoke up that weed
So dont do wrong just take a book and read

Breakdancing requires skills
So dont do any windmills
Dont try this at home
Cause nigga im so throw
If you break yo neck
You gonna blame your own
Cause that is your fault
Never forget your goal
Check out this whole flow
It was made in mexico

Things-you gotta achieve in the streets
Thang-you gotta workout and not forget
Thong-should of though about in your brain

Yeah, representin da breakdancas at dat dirty 13
Yea, lil' ruiz aka el rey rios
Southwest houston

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