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Bo Ningen

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Date de parution : 08/10/2012

Durée : 0:06:02

Style : Alternative

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Psych psych between the highest and the lowest.
The shape is changing and i notice after losing everything.
Forgetting yourself while watching yourself flying, turning into something else.
Forgetting all about yourself.

Mogura can't sleep
Mogura don't die, don't die.
Drowned under the ground,
Mogura and human will be the same some day.

Psych psych coming back here again.
Forgotten shape of it, the memory of the nails of it, mouth that speaks and everything.
Mogura doesn't wither, mogura can't die.
The memories of the shape and the sight are now disappearing under the sun.

The killing of the past words.
The way behind where you can't turn back.
The deep inside of the invisible ground.
As time passes, even it's shape has been left behind and deformed.
Mogura is still standing after all the changes.

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