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Here he comes, the man in the white suit
El exigente
The demanding one
To decide if our beans
Are rich enough
Are they good enough?
Have they the means?
Everyone looks on
Will he approve?
Will our village make it?
Boom or bust for us!
Or we'll be drinking a lot of coffee this winter

We look at him and he shakes his head no
We look at each other, and we all scream

El exijente you are
Chock full of shit

We're hip to your plan scam man
Devalue our work and worth so you
Can have it for nothing
You and those gringo bosses
You're always taking profits ad losses
Capitalism is cannibalism
(swiped off rachel holc's jacket)
You've never worked in a hot field for a day in your life
The revolution will come my friend
Those with none will get some
And we'll have a little justice
And what of you my friend?
Your suit might get very dirty
As you drink lye and choke

El exijente, baby you are
Chock full of shit

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