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Dj Drama

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Yo drama whats going on man?
This ya man chocolate drop
Aka chocolate drop
Aka chocolate drop
Nigga you know who i am
Know what im saying?
Word on the street is you coming out with some new shit
Quality street music
You aint holla at ya boy
You aint say "droppa can you get down?"
You aint.. you aint say "aye man"
You aint fuck with me on gangsta grillz 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
Nigga you got like 50 of them bitches yo!
You gon come out with your quality street music
And you dont holla at the illest nigga underground?
Nigga bars. to you.
Fuck you nigga!
And thats real
Dont believe then imma get a kill
Take a pill now chill
I know what youre thinking this nigga ill
Yeah well you done lost your chance!
Light skinned nigga
When i look in the back
Imma get the trigger
Pop it! yo fitted aint gon fit no more.
That mean im coming through your house
Popping through the back door
Busting bitches like a piece with a nugget on it
..... aye man fuck you nigga!
This droppa man
Quality street music
You just got your quality street music
From a quality street nigga
Chocolate droppa. bars. 79 of em.
Real rap raw.
Aye nigga you coming to the reunion this year?

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