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Amy Kuney

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In the morning
Goodbye kisses
And all the misters
Kiss the misses
Before leaving
For the office
But we're not grieving
We've got chocolate
And i'd choose it over you
Any day...

I say diamonds
You can't afford 'em
So i say mansions
You say mortgage
We start to argue
I say "you win"
You have your victory
I have my chocolate
And i'd choose it over you
Any day...

I'm leaving traces
Dirty spoons
I'm getting careless
And pretty soon
You're gonna catch me in the act
And we'll try couples therapy
I know that won't help
Cuz if she's a woman
She'll agree with me

It's been a hard day
At the office
So i'll surprise you
In my lace pajamas
But before things
Get hot and heavy
I hear you snoring
You're fast asleep
So in the darkness
I sneak to the kitchen
Where my chocolate
Has been hiding
And i'd choose it over you
Any day....

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