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Before I Go

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I'll look to the sky cast this shame away set aside my pride promise me you'll make it quick this cold dark gray stone is pressed against my lips so beautiful tonight was this what you planned the sins i've committed i'm facing with forgiveness still at hand as dawn approaches the sand runs thin we'll paint the windows black choke the light coming in come undressed with me cross these lines that we've drawn where timid thoughts will surely come undone i rely on you to remove this burden from my chest an innocence that cradles a tender threat as i pull you closer promise you won't miss i can't bear this again folded in distress did i make you proud a glorified end in one ringing sound i'll never forgive you and i thank you for that go cry your fucking eyes out overwhelmed in self-doubt with a longing i can't kill with walls just out of reach i'm plummeting further still ankles tightly chained the irony sets in with severed wings my ruin begins

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