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Date de parution : 19/09/1996

Durée : 0:02:48

Style : Rock

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Cholly, woman with the big thighs
Cholly, lady with the hazel eyes
Golly, cholly make me feel good
Golly, like you know a ho should

I love you cholly when you're chick-ling my wally
I love it baby when you shake your fat derriere
Cholly make me feel good cholly

Cholly, we can watch the sun rise
Cholly, let me touch your thing pies
Golly, really really big thighs
Cholly, cholly hit me in the eye

Cholly make me feel good cholly
Cholly make me feel good cholly

I love ya cholly with your big fat body
Oh golly cholly, you're just chubby wobbly wobbly
You make me happy when you shake-ling your tub of taffy
You wiggly jiggly do the fatso fatty do the ripple, cholly



Hey, ya'll look at that woman

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