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Project Pat

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Date de parution : 06/08/2002

Durée : 0:03:15

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Don't you get mad at me, 'cause your broad den chose-a
Glad to see the truck when i pull up
Gon' pop the lock, big botty hoppin' in now
Dark skin, gold teeth, man, you know we in now

I know that's your baby, momma, i know that it hurts some
You know when we get together, i'm gon' let her twurk some
Let her hit the blunt some, no time of the month some
Pull out a condom, then i make a run some

Freaky as she wanna be, i'ma let her gonna be
She can be herself anytime that she get wit' me

Backseat action, riverside relaxin'
Flick in the dvd, that ass i'm waxin'
I'ma keep it real wit' cha, i'ma let her deal wit' cha
I don't fight over hoes i'ma let the steel hit cha

All on the town talkin' bad tryna down me
In your heart really sad, boy, you betta crown me

I, i choose u, baby
Oh, i choose u, girl

You fuckin' wit' my lut' when you lay on yo' child support
She always give me half of that on my car note
Hundred spoke rims sittin' slick on the escalade
Couldna been the king of heart, mane, baby got me paid

First of the year, tax time, keep me wit' a smile
I'ma get a extra couple g's claimin' yo' child
Yeah, that's why i know, this is the world that we living in
Don't get hot, stay about my game and quit meddling

Pedalin' in these weed sacks, nigga give me feedback
I don't need no stems dog, you can keep the seeds back
Always been a hustla that's were shit is diggin'
Do just like i tell her to and wit' no renigen

Her lips and my brain, we can go a long way
On her arm, my name, got that for her birthday
I say that's the only way i gotta have it
Branded for life all the ass i'ma grab it

I, i choose u, baby
Oh, i choose u, girl

I, i choose u, baby

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