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Isis Gee

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So many answers out there still to explore
Wish i could escape and run them out the
Somehow erase this pain that's left inside
And lock it behind (oh)
But i know you watch

You shine into my life
You're a beautiful angel and i
It's undeneighable how words, they got in the way
But you're always with me to stay
I miss you at christmas most of
Walking outside as the snow falls
Wake up and hear you down the hall
(you know i hear you down the hall)
On christmas
I miss my best friend when i can't stand tall
I pick up the phone or i wish you'd call
And i wonder if you can you hear me,
I'm cried out
On christmas
I know an angel's guiding my life
I know your beauty and you shine
You know i'll never ever let you
Cause you're my christmas angel
The best times of my life
Were always by your side
I thank god for your time
And i dedicate my life
(walking outside)
To be the best in your eyes
Another you, we'll never find
(on christmas)
And i want you to know
(i miss my best friend when i can't stand tall)
I want you to know
That i miss you

(on christmas)
I want you to know yeah
In closing this letter,
Wish you were here...
Forever in my heart on christmas
I miss you

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