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When im alone in my room smoking on this bong
In the back of my mind i wish christine was called
Because i loved that bitch even though she dead
She the best hoe that ever gave me head
Lip strong i had to pop her off
This girl was live as hell
But she was as white as a ghost
I dont care even though she haunted
As long as she on my arms i just gotta flaunt it
The other night she picked me up in her black car
Took me to a parking lot and made me feel like a star
Im losing control getting all head bent over sex with a dead hoe

Chorus (x4)
They looking, they searching, they always out here lurking
(these rats out here be tricking for treats)

Cold chill upon my neck around eleven oclock
Eyes open up slowly, christines on my cock
Im kinda scared; dont fight the feeling as she whispers in my ear
Am i dreaming scary bitch, tell me is this shit real
How you feel about an ugly bitch off on top
Dont know her, its kinda good, guess i dont want to stop
Im trying to talk to you bitch, tell me what should i do
And if its up to me, fuck it, swallow my goo
Bitch do tricks like director john woo
From her mouth to my dick she was pretty glued
If you didnt look shitty i would marry you
Even though you so scary and hairy too
I would let you call me larry on our honey moon
As long as you dont tell my dogs what we do
Looking like a dog, you a motherfucker oooo

Chorus (x4)

Let me hit it girl, girl, nut up in your jerry curl
Back in 87 you was ready for the world
Yeah its all about sex trip the pussy wet
Let me lick that im a dog chase cat
She got the glow of a ghost bad bitch on halloween
With the pussy youre the queen, ima trick, ima fiend
He aint playing will you freak
King sized in the sheets, insanity, night dreams

Chorus (til end)

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