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Kenny Rankin

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Tonight i'm going to spend christmas with you on christmas eve. because tonight's christmas eve. it;s such a special day it's to fun to spend time with your family - because it is so fun. it is funner thatn a bug. it's funner than everything in the world cause tonight...tonight is christmas eve. it's so exciting, i just can't wait. it's so so exciting santa will be coming down the chimney. it's gonna be so fun - somebody is going to see if they can see a raindeer. it's gonna be so fun that rudolf is going to dance to the beat and all the other raindeer are going to dance to the beat. cause santa is going to be on his way to give all the presents that you like and he;s gonna take some stuff off your list...if you've been naughty he'll put coal in your stocking and he'll say "next year you better be good". cause santa clause and dasher and dancer are gonna dance to the beat because dasher he knows that rudolf is going to have fun and all the other raindeer know that children are gonna want to have fun cause it is so so soooooooooo fun!! it's fun boy than anything i just wish it came every day cause everyone is gonna have fun they are gonna say "can we wake up now?" cause they're gonna want to...gonna want to open their presents now!!

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