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Arrogant Worms

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Date de parution : 28/10/2008

Durée : 0:02:14

Style : Holiday

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Christmas is almost here (x3)
It's just five days till christmas, i haven't done a thing
Don't even have a christmas tree, i am panicking
Most lots are all sold out, i search until the night
I end up with a grubby shrub with a case of blight
It's four days till christmas, still have to decorate
Spend hours in the basement until i find the crate
Of lights and bulbs and popcorn strings, tangled in a knot
Then i spend the day separating what i've got
It's three days till christmas, i spent all day writing cards
I started writing letters now i just say "best regards"
I shove 'em in a mailbox and to the mall i go
To get gifts for jim and jane and tim and uncle joe (and aunt mavis and grandma and
Two days till christmas, a million things to do
Clean the house, put on tea, company is due
Where are my in-laws, they should have shown up
I bet they're at the airport i forgot to pick them up
Chorus (x4)
Christmas is here
It's finally christmas, the kids wake me up at five
I fall downstairs a messy haired zombie, half-alive
Spend all day serving company, then fall down inert
If these are my holidays i'd rather stay at work

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