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Date de parution : 06/12/2009

Durée : 0:04:32

Style : Holiday

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It's okay to have scars, they will make you who you are.
It's okay to have fears, as long as you're not scared of coming here.
And in the middle of the night, call if you want to talk,
'cus you know, that i want to talk too.

And it's not bad if you too think of what might go wrong,
But you can't blame me for secretly hoping that i'll prove you wrong.
It's okay, that i pray, that you will miss your flight, and have to stay with me another night.

And it's brutal, it's brutal, why can't you see?
It's brutal, it's brutal, where have you been?
'cus we're far apart and my lonely heart finds it hard to get through the night.
You pull me out of the dark and now it's light.
You pull me out of the dark and now it's light.

When we're out in the market, and out on the streets,
I've got a pocket full of problems and a pocket full of seeds.
Hoping something good might grow out of this mistletoe,
And i won't have to erase your memory.

I like the way that our arguements stop when we fall asleep,
And the way that your body feels when it's wrapped around me,
And i'd like it, if you made it to mine by christmas eve
So you can hold me.

And we'll watch christmas tv.


So come on home,
Just come on home.

Just come on home,
Just come on home.
(until end)

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