Paroles de Christmas

Rachel Kershenbaum

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Date de parution : 31/01/2006

Durée : 0:03:53

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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By rachel kershenbaum

I feel like christmas passed me by
Took all its jingle bells and left me with a silent night
And all the presents are for you
And santa came last night and wrapped my heart in blue

I never got around to
Finding someone to be bound to
Someone to help me muddle through

The winter sure gets cold round here
The subway rolls its eyes at
"wishing you a happy new year!"
And all the people are so tired
Of forcing naked heartache
Into merry christmas style

There's something to be said for
Warm arms in dark december
Someone to help me hang the lights

I spent a hundred on new shoes
And walked right by a hundred
Outstretched strangers selling 'bless you's
Jesus is singing for our change
He's singing "i can save you,
Please forgive me, it's my birthday"

They're singing "let it snow"
I'm thinking "let it go"
I feel like christmas disappeared
I'll try again next year to muster up some christmas cheer
But this time christmas passed me by