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Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly

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I am stuck in minor chords
I'd been here once before
With environmental echoes
By your baggage on my floor

So get over here
Let's grab ourselves another beer
Drink until tomorrow to forget that we're still alive

Drinking to forget
Somehow breaths regrets
Dissolution faces upon friends with seldom meths

I do believe that my
Self constructed alibi
Is cracking under pressure whilst i'm breaking on the inside

I'm sick of making sure
I'm sick of sitting with my hands trapped falling down my back
And telling people i know
More than they needed to know

And this song is more, than the self indulgent rantings
Closure for the times that have let you down
You know i need you around

Well, i'm still here, long overdue but it seems like your

So this ones for the friends
If not so for themselves
And this new life's directing us
And marching through a town (unverified)

You made us feel at home
Broken backs on floors of stone
But i'd rather wake there any day
Than wake up here alone

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