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Thoughtcast Shadow

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Born under a bad moon on a cold february day
And even at 5 years old, i knew i'd be a man someday
When i turned 17 i fell in love with a brown eyed girl
And even though we were young, she was my whole world
She ran away for a life that i could not give her
She took a handful of pills and she jumped into the river

When i was 18 drill sergeant taught me how to kill
Sent me to cold new york with a couple hundred dollar bills
I lasted three long years, through my weapons down and walked away
Take my chances on the outside and i lived to fight another day

At 24 you know i was st louis bound, in the search for truth, no one can hold me down
Now i'm an outlaw, respect is sometimes hard to find
But the rhythm seeks me out and those words make me feel alright

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