Paroles de Chulatown

Tom Faulkner

pochette album Chulatown
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Date de parution : 05/06/2004

Durée : 0:05:

Style : Pop

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Chico says, man, i see no way
I just can't go back to this bed i made
No more dusk 'til dawn, no more new disguise
No more children's questions i answer with lies

As the mission shadow and veil up the square
The cross elongated touching right where
He first met his best hope
Someone tell me what's going down in chulatown

Lupe says he'll do one more run
And he'll burn those papis until all is gone
Next, we'll back up and we'll then settle down
In some sleepy little american town

Well, this blue mercedes pulls into the square
The window rolls down, the driver, i swear
He might find those, chico
Someone tell me what's going down in chulatown

Lupe drifts off into the night
As his white winged dove calls him late from this flight
And this shot wings bells turn and gather 'round
In this sleepy little old mexico town

Well the roses cut from the path on the hill
Nearly covered chico who lay there so still
Such wailing and weeping
Well, someone tell me what's going down in chulatown

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