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Deeds Of Flesh

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Date de parution : 24/10/2008

Durée : 0:02:29

Style : Rock

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Brought all his victims
To a safe place
Drugged them
Strangled and fucked them

Put the bodies in the tub
Dismember them
Save all the meaty parts

For consumption

Skinning the flesh
Boiling the heads
Took one hour
To cut off the skin
And chop off their limbs
And drop them in acid
Smashing their bones with
A sledgehammer

The hydrochloric acid
Took three days
Til it turned to a mushy matter
Flush the slushy torsos down the toilet
Body parts in formaldehyde

Dominate, kill and dismember his victims
Filleting naked so gratified

Fantasies of lobotomy
To create a zombie
Creating zombies

To eat their meat
Would make a part of him
Two years later
He was murdered

Chopping up bodies
Chunks in the shower
Took one hour
To cut off their limbs
And drop them in acid
Chopping them into chunks in the shower

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