Paroles de Church at the wagon

Fletcher Jowers

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Date de parution : 22/04/2004

Durée : 0:03:42

Style : Country

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We'd gathered up a herd of longhorns bound for abilene
A peddler came out to the camp selling notions that we'd need
Among the things he had to sale was a bible old and worn
Ol coosi said i'll take it, we'll have church on sunday morn


We had church at the wagon sunday morning
We'd gather underneath the wagon fly
Ol coosi would read from the good book
And we'd sing in the sweet bye and bye
In the sweet bye and bye we shall meet on that beautiful shore
In the sweet bye and bye we shall meet on that beautiful shore

I'd see him in the morning as he set there by the fire
Reading from that bible, every now and then he'd smile
Waitin' on the biscuits, drinkin' coffee from a can
Sometimes you could hear him softly whisper amen!


We finally hit abilene the drive had all gone well
We never lost one single man while pushing up the trail
I know the lord heard coosi's prayers and he read god's holy word
That sunday morning singing was the best i've ever heard


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