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Marty Cain

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When im bored and my bodys in motion
My head opens up
Thoughts slide down the chute in my mind
My brain erupts

Bouncing round like a pinball
The lights flash in my head
When im working im bored as hell
Until i reach a zen

Theres a chute in my mind
Im waiting for the bell, i keep checking the time
Theres a chute in my mind
Im waiting for the planets to be aligned
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

When i must do the dishes
My head opens up
Water splashes down my face
Like coffee in a cup

I work in a room with many clocks
Each ticking away
They chime 9, my ears explode
The beginning of the day

My brains a room with glowing walls
And glowing memories
I flick a switch, the room shines
For all the world to see

Every thought ive ever had
Is etched into the wall
I raise a glass to the world
Man, im standin tall

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