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The arguement ends itself,
And the methodology,
Each time that your anatomy appears,
In front of me,
Why doesn't this love understand,
Hints, or reason?,
It feeds itself on pretexts,
And they don't hold any water,
This love doesn't allow me,
To stand on my feet,
Because even it's practically broken,
My heels,
Even if i get up i'll fall back down again,
If you approach me nothing's useful,
For this useless thing,

Brutal, blind, deaf and dumb
Clumsy, odd, stubborn,
That's everything i've been,
For you i've converted myself into,
Another thing that he doesn't do,
Anything thing more than love you,
I think of you day and night,
And i don't know how to forget you,

How many times have i tried,
To bury you in my memory,
And although i say "no more",
It's again the same story,
Why does this love always know how to,
Make me breath deep,
It brings me to the edge,
And into conflict with the world

If only i could exorcise myself of your voice,
If only i could escape from your name,
If only i could tear out my heart,
And hide myself so as not to feel all over again:


Rings under the eyes, skinny, ugly, tousled,
Clumsy, foolish, slow, touchy, confused,
Completey out of control,
You realize it, and you tell me nothing,
You see that my mind's that of a child,
Where only have asylum,
You don't listen to me, what i tell you,
Look well what you're going to do with me


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