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Date de parution : 04/01/2010

Durée : 0:02:56

Style : Alternative

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Bad news is that there's nothing good to say
The minty flavors been chewed to nothing
That i can taste
Harsh reality just set in today
That my limbs were drying quickly in concrete and clay
I made my peace with jesus
We wrote a letter to heaven
Saying "will you be there to greet us?
Or just show us the back door?"
- chorus x 2-
Jumping from a bridge
With one hand tied to the railing
I am thinking of you
With cinderblocks for shoes

And with a touchtone phone i listen
To the problems of a city
Life is like a hello kitty
Voice inside of me thats all gone wrong
When before the door was open
Like the window i've broken
I can't help if i'm spacin'
My messiah's freebasing
My blood is boiling and racing
As i crumble at the core
-chorus out

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