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Calvin Holt

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Verse: 1. i use to go out clubing alone, now i saw the life i lived it was with misery, but things are different now cause i found you.

Verse: 2. she just was head over hills for me she said to me that she was single i saw a look in her eye that like to i thought i take change with cindyann.

Chorus:cindyann baby take my hand ,cindyann lady let's dance,let's dance i'm dancing with cindyann, cindyann lady it's time for romances,

Verse: 3 i never been with a girl find as you ,it's you name that has a sex
Appeal my heart beats for so i decided to take change with cindy ann
Life can be so strange with you are alone, now be strong just hold on love will come long my luck has change now i got you cindyann,

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