Paroles de Cinnamon curl

Sophia Somajo

pochette album Cinnamon curl
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Date de parution : 15/09/2008

Durée : 0:03:16

Style : Pop

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Cinnamon curls and ginger skin
Look what a mess i am in


Searching his manhood with my hand
He is so young in my command

And he smells like love
(smells like love)

Oh oh oh

I don't trust it a bit

He tastes like love
(tastes like love)

I don't believe it

Oh oh oh

Mhm, hey

And then his color is aqua-blue

So when i'm with i speak the truth
He plays the delicate strings

And my woman crumbles when he sings

He sounds like love
(sounds like love)

He feels like love
(feels like love)

I don't believe it

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