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The light feels warm, im attracted to its presence, its honesty is bliss its divine from the heavens so i need exposure cause when you speak my heart gets warmer its like the perfect sandstorm ripping through my flesh exfoliating the past and leaving nothing left but i still hear liars i don't feel fire and my body glows illuminated yet flat lined submerged under the light i guess im baptized, i feel lonely, will you come hold me, but our love is feeling honestly its so strong the wind it whispers in my ear and says its so wrong but if jesus loves me then he wont touch me
The light attracts peace to my heart and the pieces of my heart are broken into shards but when all put together all remains the truth as long as the fear of our existence remains glued the true serum of knowledge will have you hearing shit dreaming of nightmares until your living it don't say im concealing it i know someone's hearing this plight to unite every spike of a pyramid you look into the future see nothing its blank deserted i hope its all worth it these humans truly deserve it. for making us feel worthless im doing you all a service and giving your life purpose that shines from the glow of a light tower the final hour from the screams of a night owl, but he's who made you, but when you suffer then why hasn't he saved you.
Its different the effects from a lighthouse which points north but our paths seems to fly south you hear the ocean singing birds crying you feel weak nervous emotions dying to have the heart of a lion but missing love to support the ten commandments that's given instead you feel aborted taking a fall is the only way to start until you left out at sea drifting on noah's ark and aw quiet as you listen for her call till the kraken emerges and surely submerge you al but so what this world is disgusting im appalled who are you to judge me when you are so flawed i don't get it, it never felt right that's why i fell in love with misery attracted to the light so ill follow his command as it leads me hopefully to a place where ill receive peace