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Keni Thomas

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Date de parution : 01/01/2004

Durée : 0:04:45

Style : Country

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Circle on the cross
By: keni thomas
(with kenny rogers)

Daddy got the call sometime in the summer of 69
Did his tour in the war
But the home he was fighting for
Wasnt what he left behind

I was there that day when the telegram came
And mamma fell to her knees
He was a mighty good man but he fell into the hands
Of the north vietnamese

For every man that gave his life
Another folded stars and stripes
Husbands, fathers, brothers, sons will never be forgotten
When you find what once was lost
Put a circle on the cross

For two years mamma held on said im trying to do the best i can
But the army wasnt paying
And she had a boy to raise
So she found herself another man

I was there that day when the taps was played
And they buried his name in the ground
The preacher was still talking as mamma started walking
And she aint never turned around

Put a circle on the crosson the cold black wall
Put a circle on the cross60,000 gone

I never knew my daddy
But were the same man after all
Cause it wasnt my reflection
I saw staring back at me from that wall

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