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Nero's long hot tongue
Nero's long hot
Tongue licks...
This is the sound
Of the world
Turning round
The underground
This is the sound of the
World turning round
The world
Spinning round.
You get eaten alive
By the perfect lover.
I fell in
To a burning ring
A burning ring of
And the knives
Slide in
They slide deep
Into my skin
And they open me
So wide
That you stick your
Head inside
You get sewn
Inside alive
You get eaten alive
By the perfect lover
When you've
Swallowed one
You just
Swallow another
To drive away
This hunger
You stay in
There forever
Caught in the centre
Of a circle of manias
Chemical angel
Enters arena
Toro d'or
Falls to the floor
Fucking the ground
The hole in the ground
And hot wires sing
Deep in my skin
I'm writhing...
Like dutch schultz at
106 degrees...
And i wake up licking
I wake up licking the
Bedsheets clean
Licking and

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