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Kate Tempest

pochette album Circles
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Date de parution : 17/10/2014

Durée : 0:03:15

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Hold on to your pride
All the roads are down there's nowhere left where we can hide or run to
All the plans are made painted out in the gray of the pavement
But i'm a hurricane there's nowhere i will go because i'm told no no
Give me one more kiss ' fore i jump this train whereever it's going
One more dance here with the moonbeamsaond the flickering neon
When the lights around the highest buildings make reflexionsi
It reminds me i swear thats the shape of your smile
Hold on to your pride you wont be forgotten toningt
I'll be alright its not the world i am leaving but a rhyme with no meaning
And you cannot hold me now i know where i belong
I was counted out the very first steps i made
But i wont satisfy those dark and lowering expectations
Goodbye, look at the stars tonight
Hold on to your pride the streets will be empty tonight
You oint need to cry like a shadow ill be by your side
But you cannot hold me now i now where i belong
I wont fall to any lame and shallow explamation
Goodbye look at the stars tonight

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