Paroles de Circling

Duncan Sheik

pochette album Circling
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Date de parution : 21/10/2014

Durée : 0:06:04

Style : Pop

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The sky today is
Bloody gray
I'm surprised
To look so blue
I'm here playing on
A bigger stage
It's no surprise
It cut right through
You heard the questions
You heard the dodge
A made up name
Is not a sin
The water from the great mirage
Can taste like dust
And burning skin

Did you think it was a straight line
Were you surprised to find it circling
But you were having such a great time
The gravity was working
To bring you down
Then you were lost
Til you were found
If you were found

When you're in a well-lit place
It can be hard to force a smile
You may find a smooth escape
You may have to wait awhile
When i think about it now
I know i saw it all along
I don't feel bad, don't feel let down
It just feels like something's wrong

I thought it was a straight line
So surprised to find it circling
I was having such a great time
Gravity was working
To bring me down
Then i was lost
Til i was found
If i was found

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