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Citizen Fish

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Please don't let me see/so many problems and disharmony/without knowing the
Reason/without knowing th facts/and knwoing that knowing can be hard to
Desire/when the opposite says "releax"/please don't let me see/so much peace
And harmony/that i forget to use my eyes/be aware of any shadows behind the
Light/circular vision and the need to know/one says lets go everywhere the
Other one sets the sights/please don't let me view/through so many windows i
Can't see through/every depth has a surface tension/spreading the ripples in
All directions/making waves can be saying goodbye/but it's also saying here's
The reason why/pleasse don't let me see what i've seen before/without noticing
The range of change/please don't let me see without looking/for nothing will
Ever be strange/please don't let me see the viewpoint/without knowing what the
Background is/please don't let me see the framework/til i've seen if the pic-
Ture fits/we woke up didn't feel like sleeping/we spoke up didn't feel like
Keeping/the silence that hold us apart so much/as we struggle to find the
Human touch/and a natural urge if discovery/checking out what we weren't
Allowed to see/looking around the reality factory

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