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I'm in the jungle but i need to get out
Alot of snakes in the garden no weeding 'em out
Big drug deals and murders and kidnappings
This is the place they tell you that things happen
You cant second guess on your first thought
Ma boys of the valley effin round 'll knock your church off
It makes you wonder what a hearse cost
Pray for the body that fell shells burst off
Only thing hotter than jerk sauce is merks sauce
I'm the cheff who wouldn't let 'em take the first course
Yeah we out 'ere baby
Is alot angels but i doubt they save me
Only god can help devil vouch i'm crazy
Cause i don't play games at all, feel pain at all
And i doubt that i'm sane at all
It's the jungle sun shine rain in all
What up...

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I'm selling these green white and these browns ch'yeah
Daddy tryin to stay out the back seat of that ground v
Hommie it's a shortage on medecine, got the town see
Niggers middle men, n ejaculate n lay down wid it
When its time for me to mash in the mass ups
Effin nations in my stash, toan his ass up
Niggers wanna eat in ma jungle they gotta answer
Nigger bust a bitch n they bash him gotta bag up
Wont take cock in commuinity with coccain
Ma 40 acres and a mill' was the dope game
The 80's virus incarsciration in reginamis
And now i'm way to deep in it bitches
To late to stop me
I'm cookin' lookin' out ma project window
Fuck a collage degree i wanna break in the benzo
A bad bitch i like the twist of the endo
Full clip in the 40 on the 40s is game so
We gangsta

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Policia aqui, mata mais que tuskegee
Assassinos free, povo calmo como kenny g
Gueto tipo nd
Bico treme se ver que ainda somos public enemy
1, 2 pra explodir
Pick do re mi e boooom
Acabou, sem zoom de cmera
Da cmara, dor o que chega pra niz
Quebrada, bomba de efeito moral
De quem num tem moral pra falar nada
Coturnos escuros, soturnos futuros
Me enturmo nos muros me enfurno e juro
Que vou cobrar com juros

Sou jogo duro, sem furo, puro, apuro num aturo
Seguro eu me curo, contra os ideal obscuro,
Do governo, cartel ou cl
Meu papel ensinar o povo a dizer h-h
Sem abrir pernas como que dana can-can
A niz cabe
Odiar inimigos do povo viu kassab

Queimam favelas, controlam a midia e distorcem a informao
Seus mandatos tm dias contados
Nossa luta no

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