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pochette album Cities of the dead
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Date de parution : 15/05/2009

Durée : 0:04:48

Style : Heavy Metal

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Go! seeing through souls of black
Into absence of redemption
No signs of life in this desert of mankind
Breathing out frames of dust
Bodies lay in ash again
Under skies of red
Call, welcome the end
Striving for comfort while we slay
Self-created glamour of disease
To the sound of mortal screams
We are burying one another...

Retribution - absolution go!
In streams of blood
Bathing in lust
A far cry from death!

Ruins of presence
Damnation on hold
Necropolis rise!

The cities of the dead
A million spirits longing for rest!
A pain unending
Downward spiral's light
A far cry from death!

Vanished future
Preview the past
Necropolis rise!

Rise! with bliss in my eyes
Educated perdition
Cultivated death

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