Paroles de Citizen (dance of youth)

Simple Minds

pochette album Citizen (dance of youth)
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Date de parution : 01/03/2003

Durée : 0:02:53

Style : Rock

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Citizen, citizen, citizen, citizen
Citizen, a cure to kill the east
A disease of the west
A romance is no escape
But i'll escape you

The manufacture sound
Complaining to ourselves
You're cutting up our friends
Making love to our sisters

Another endless day
Another daze
But i'm losing track
The train goes off the rails

Dance of the youth
Youth want to dance

Citizen, the tribal war begins
But radio's a god
Industrial money
God is industry

(dance of youth)
Citizen, we know what we're after
You know what we're after
Know what we're after
Know what we're after

Citizen, the state that we've come to love
Love's a crime against the state
I hate the sound of bells

Communications lost
Something we're after
I hate democracy
One more contact lost

Love, a crime against the state
The state we've come to love
Oh, electric candle light

What time is it over there?
We got to wear a badge
We're losing track of days

Dance of the youth
Youth want to dance

Citizen, i'll share a room with you
You're getting so very thin
Did we ask for this
Are you rationing our water?

Dance of the youth
Our food is getting cold
And you're getting colder
I see you
I'm not so unaware

Citizen, an american
Got, got a camera
Takes a picture
Citizen, citizen, citizen, citizen

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