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Tokyo Police Club

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Date de parution : 20/02/2007

Durée : 0:02:57

Style : Rock

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No we can't

See the ruins of the old world below
That's what our ancestors left us
Our robot masters will know
How to clean this mess up and build a better world

For man and machine alike
For the boys and the girls
Who are slaves building spaceships at night
In the fluorescent light, that's 2009

No we can't
No we won't
No we can't
No we won't

On cold frosty martian mornings
The chill on my breath is red
Redder than my mother's blood
When she turned to me and said

This is not how we planned it
But we've gotten ahead of ourselves
Computers rule the planet
And the moon and mars as well
We lost the fight, that's 2009

I have a microchip implanted in my heart
So if i try to escape the robots will blow me apart
And my limbs will go flying
And land before the ones that i love

Who would wail and would weep
But the robots would keep them at bay
While i shut my eyes for the very last time
Citizens of tomorrow be forewarned

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