Paroles de Citrus

The Miami Dolphins

pochette album Citrus
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Date de parution : 19/08/2014

Durée : 0:04:1

Style : Rock

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I can marinate your sores to make you feel
I stick my nose in your reveries
To taste all objects that you see
And just for me, crushing citrus
Popping the pores on the peels
Crushing on dreams, twisting
Like a pretzel
That squeeze citrus
Sprinkle it on to lift drab
Up to be so pretty,
Fish scales turned to jewels,
Their eyes gouged out, spoiled,
Bloat bodies float in

Flesh and sand, just believe
The raw and numbness you can drink
Won't dry you out, grate your guts, mess you up
You are as beautiful as the day you popped out
You're walking barefoot naked all summer long
You're doing the charleston with jitterbugs
Shivering warm, you don't sleep
Your eyes are popping out of your head
Swimming jellyfish that get swished quick down drains

Dreamboat, crawling slowly
Through the mist
The cruise ship love that is born
The easy bliss that comes free
Spilling out into the open sea
You can capsize me

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