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Architecture In Helsinki

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Date de parution : 09/02/2003

Durée : 0:02:49

Style : Rock

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Drinking stolen gin from the rich people's bar next door
And awkwardly i'm leaning on the shoulder
Of the cousin who you choose to ignore
And she says won't you calm down

City, city, won't you calm down
Never gonna get to the bottom while there's traffic around
Passed a little lonely cleanse
If we play our cards right we can be more than friends, still

Oh, so s u d d e nly, so suddenly
Ways of calculating, ways of catapulting you and me
Out of this town

City, city, won't you calm down
Never know we're in here if we don't make a sound
Faster we'll divide all the sense
Into tiny parcels are you hoping it's tense, girl

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