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Mmc Da Click

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(verse one) jinxo

Looking for a nice thang
Something like a future and a wife thang
Shit change
Time of love just game
I cant blameem
Cuz niggas these days just playem
So get what u can girl
Milk that money out your man girl
Oooo she got big dreams
Living that life on the big screen
She cant act but she gotta nice rack
So uhh i guess she made it
Rich niggas tryna bait it
Reel it in and tame it
And all these young girls tryna clam it
So fuck school if you gorgeous
Diplomas cant guaranty u fortunes
And brand new porsches
A villa on the sand
And a field full of horses
Drop cash for the whole thang
Blowing money on barcodes of cocaine
Dont wanna be nameless
Fast life she just wanna be famous

I met her at the mall
Oooo i love the way she way she
Cuz every time she call
Oooo i love the way she way she

(verse two) sunny soulstice
Country girl with ghetto dreams
Ambition in life is to set the scene
Catch a baller
By his collar
Make that nigga buy her everything
Everything aint everything
Means nothing if you never had anything
If it dont fold
You got to go
Wont fuck with you if your dough jing-a-ling
That thing, that thing keep these hoes round
She the type of girl lauryn warned me bout
Closed mouths dont get fed
Thats why she keeps a dick in her mouth
Small town girl in a big ol city
Hidden agenda, plan is simply
Find k. durant
Until then
Shell pay the rent
Shaking her ass and titties


(verse three) peezay
Just maxed out my gap card
And im feeling cool as fuck
All they say is peezay p
These muhfuckas cant tell me much
Yea im down for an oreo
Long as that thang come doubled stuffed
P. mr. downtown these hoes cant get low enough
White girl got some booty cheeks
Think ill call her sara lee
Pound that thang like pound cake
Thats my special recipe (yittidy)
Walk like she got body armor
Thank god im a snake charmer
Mmc thats home team
Peezay p. sayonara