Paroles de City lights (days go by)

Bob Mould

pochette album City lights (days go by)
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Date de parution : 06/04/2009

Durée : 0:03:45

Style : Alternative

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Days go by
I wait to see the city lights
Clear view sky
I've got to make the most of this

I rewind the interstate
In my distant memory
Hateful logical
Cloudy calm and everything

Take the wheel
There's got to be an exit somewhere
The less i feel
The more i like the way you treat me

I respond to everything
Whispering into my eyes
So illogical
Cloudy calm and everything

I want you near me but i
Need the space for contemplation
I want you dearly but i
Need to find the city lights

Driving away from you
Someday i'll be back to find you
I hope you understand
I need to find my city lights

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