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Kellee Maize

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Date de parution : 14/01/2010

Durée : 0:04:17

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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We are in the city of champions you say that it can't but here it can be done
Pittsburgh we up next
We are in the city of champions you say that it can't but here it can be done
Pittsburgh we the best

Yeah we in pa
Philly still okay, come on clear the way 412 all day
And you moving here
Nakturnal is near grab an iron beer or shake it with no fear
Meat me downtown
Rock it to the ground
Wiz he spread a sound
Boys in blue got shot down
Now were in a famous town
Buy another round drinking heavy giving pound
Purp n dunny stackin mounds
Steel was once our pride nyc built inside
A four rivers kinda mind
And now its our time
Yeah we got 6 rings
Yeah that's my town
And we don't need bling spread it all around
And we making rockets to the moon we bound
Dj hug and bonics they be getting it down
Got the stanley cup
We don't give a what
Down at shadow lounge we be doin the butt
Nak ladies strut out the hybrid truck
Yeah the pirates suck but we still feel the funk
And we meditate
We're daily feeling great
And we don't take no breaks and we are never fake
Pittsburgh got that team
Like rxc
We extreme n'at know what i mean

Robotic metropolis
Carnegie mellon is shopping this
We build manhattan here
But do not be scared my dear
Both sides of mirror are clear
Lightworkers are fighting fear
Fucking best and worst are hear
Small pok curse in our stare
Killed the native americans and in honor of them i will not swear again
Spirits are here and hten
Also signed the first peace treaty
Some steel city suckas greedy
Laced and smoked and real seedy
Align the chi
Now the home of g20
Greenest city in the world most livable
Meanest pity from a girl shot down in critical
Got hospitals and jails
Saving folks and making bail
Center of earth no pitch for sale
Down ya momzhouse singing scales
Only river going north
Other than the nile
Mayans said with a kindly smile
The point of rivers will heal every child
Cleanse the sick from serious to mild
To a healing portal of power
A mere mortal who devourers
In our water take a shower
Our fruits will never sour
Elevated angle here in pistolvanai
It might strain ya
The paranoid stranger
See it as a danga like we came from a manga
A species not in danga but pgh rearrange ya

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